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#20 Dr. Joel McDurmon: The Problem of Slavery in Christian America

The Problem of Slavery in Christian America

President of American Vision, Dr. Joel McDurmon, joins BRIDGE Radio to talk about his recent book “The Problem of Slavery in Christian America.” We discuss Billy Graham’s passing and his bravery standing up to racism, the difference between British Common Law of indentured servitude and Roman Law chattel slavery, how and why our founders progressively started to stray away from Biblical law into Roman law by subsidizing slavery, instituting head right and chattel laws. Joel writes “the clergy and church leadership in the South provided much of the most vocal support for racism and slavery during the slave days and far beyond… what kind of moral leadership does any church expect to display in society when they are so badly, so far, behind the society itself in moral understanding and willingness to confess sin.” You will not want to miss out on this episode.

You can find “The Problem of Slavery in Christian America” here at BRIDGE Ministries, American Vision, or Amazon.

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