#30 Dr. Tim Trumper: Irresistible Grace

Our friends and brother in Christ, Dr. Tim Trumper, joins BRIDGE Radio for the first time to continue our series on Doctrines of Grace. Today we teach and unpack Irresistible Grace!

3 thoughts on “#30 Dr. Tim Trumper: Irresistible Grace”

  1. Grant Allen Hodges

    The thing that gets me about irresistible grace is that the Bible portrays people resisting. So . . . we run out an invent a theological system that only the really deep types get . . . that says to ignore how the Bible makes things look. Now, how did we come to that. Reformation theology brings a pagan value out of the history of classical theology: Reason is the key to knowledge. Now that sounded good in 400 B.C. or even in the years leading up to the Reformation. But Reason is always trumped by observation and repeatability, two scientific values more popular today. The facts of grace can be observed in the Scriptures: Men are portrayed as having free will and are commanded to exercise free will dozens of times; Men are commanded to choose God. Secondly, the facts of Grace do not change: The Scriptures cannot be broken, and Jesus Christ is the same today as He was when he let the rich young ruler walk away.

  2. Yes, the Bible portrays people resisting. And I experience my flesh resisting the work of God in me daily. The Arminian says that people can resist God’s grace; he or she fails to see that prior to conversion, everything in us is sheer resistance to God. The flesh always resists. It’s what the flesh does, always, without exception.

    Which is why Paul can contrast the desires of the flesh with the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5. Anything in you that loves God, that desires to please Him merely for the sake of pleasing Him, that cherishes and delights in the Law of God as being wonderful for its own sake, that delights in the doctrines of Christ, that rejoices in the opportunity to love your neighbor and even your enemy – it all comes from the Spirit. The flesh cannot produce it. Which means that anyone at all who comes to a saving faith in Jesus Christ does so contrary to the deepest and strongest desires and inclinations of their own fallen, human nature.

    This is why God’s grace must be irresistible – because anyone at all who comes to Christ does so in spite of the fact that their flesh is already resisting His grace to the uttermost. To make it personal, I was, prior to conversion, already resisting Him with everything that I had in me (and indeed, this resistance continues in my flesh even to this day, which is why it must be mortified continually). And yet He saved me nonetheless. Amen.

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