#96 Phil Johnson: Lordship Salvation, The Gospel According to Jesus

Phil is an Elder and Pastor of Grace Community Church and Executive Director of Grace to You. He has been closely associated with John MacArthur since 1981 and edits the majority of Pastor MacArthurs books, such as “The Gospel According to Jesus,” which argues for the doctrine of lordship salvation. He joins us to talk about the controversial doctrine. Is it biblical? What do the Scriptures say? Is it legalism?

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5 thoughts on “#96 Phil Johnson: Lordship Salvation, The Gospel According to Jesus”

  1. I scrolled through this on IG and was drawn to click. Although I’ve heard different opinions regarding John MacArthur, it’s the second Podcast I’ve been drawn to listen to. I truly like how Mr. Johnson broke things down. I’ve never heard of the doctrine of Lordship Salvation. It was insightful, informative but most of all the way he explained it, revealing. This was a really good podcast. A must listen to.

    Oh and so glad that you guys are going to do Spanish podcasts….. Gloria a Dios. I go to a spanish speaking church and when I find Spanish resources am always eager to share. Thank you!

    1. Julio Rodriguez

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Sharon! I would highly recommend you to get yourself a copy of MacArthur’s “The Gospel According to Jesus.” It was a book that opened my eyes tremendously. You will get a much more thorough teaching of the doctrine there. Lastly, BRIDGE Radio Español’s first episode will be published this coming Monday, September 2nd. I hope you subscribe and continue to listen to the program, sister. Soli deo gloria!

  2. It is called the doctrine of lordship salvation by its critics. It is the biblical doctrine of SALVATION – period!

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