#26 Dr. John Frame: The Sovereignty of God

Dr. John Frame joins BRIDGE Radio as our first guest for our series on the Doctrines of Grace. Tune in as Dr. Frame teaches on divine lordship, how the sovereignty of God plays into our understanding of the Doctrines of Grace, the tension between divine sovereignty and man’s free will, and much more.

2 thoughts on “#26 Dr. John Frame: The Sovereignty of God”

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  2. I think about the tension between God’s sovereignty and our ability to make choices like so – my choices are ultimately guided and governed by His sovereign will and decree, but when He puts these into effect with respect to me, He does so not by doing things to me, but by working things in and through me. Thus, God in His sovereignty works in me the desire to choose according to His will and decree [Eph. 2:10]. Thus, He is entirely sovereign, and I am still making a choice. Which means that I am still responsible for my choices, since nothing is chosen by me under compulsion, but willingly according to my own desire, be it good or bad. Agree? Disagree?

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