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#21 John Samson: A Former Word of Faith and Prosperity Preacher

A Former Word of Faith and Prosperity Preacher

John Samson joins BRIDGE Radio again to give the testimony of his time and immersion in the word of faith movement for many years before leaving. John was not only a prosperity preacher but also a TBN host who was friends with well-known figures of the movement. We address the word of faith’s false teaching of the “little gods” doctrine, faith healing (1 Peter 1:24), and the right to riches as a Christian (John 10:10; Romans 8:32). John says,  “I feel so much regret over being so caught up in this thing for years… and it is a comfort to my soul to perhaps be used to pull even one soul out of this deception…” and “This doctrine of the word of faith cannot stand up to Biblical scrutiny and Biblical context!” You will not want to miss this episode!

You can find John Samson on his blog

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