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#03 J.P Holding: Shattering the Christ Myth

J.P Holding: Shattering The Christ Myth

On episode number three J.P. Holding, Julio Rodriguez, and the BRIDGE crew refute and unpack the Christ Myth and the Pagan Copycat Theory. We discuss its origins, false assertions in history, outright deception along with J.P. Holding’s book Shattering The Christ Myth. We debunked false comparisons of pagan gods to Jesus and the story in the Gospels, such as Horus, Mithras, and Dionysus. Shattering The Christ Myth is a scholarly masterpiece, containing multiple authors who are leaders in their respected fields and expert researchers. Everyone should give this book a read and have it in their library. It not only addresses the history of pagan gods during and after Jesus time but also prior gods who existed before the incarnation of Christianity.

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