“BRIDGE Ministries is an amazing gift to the progress of the gospel in our time. Their podcast has become a treasured resource in my theological thinking. God has used this broadcast to cause me to think about the theological issues of our day from a Scriptural perspective through their thoughtful and honest engagement by some of the great theologians of our day. Getting to know the staff of BRIDGE only makes me recommend their ministry all the more. Their commitment to Scripture, solid theological thinking and providing the best of doctrinally sound Christian resources makes BRIDGE Ministries a trusted friend and partner to declare the glory of Jesus to the nations! If you are in Laredo come to their store to get a great cup of coffee, or in my case tea, and brouse one of the best bookstores in the world - you will be encouraged, uplifted and ministered to by this ministry.”
Dr. Steve Leston
President of To Every Tribe
"It is exciting to see all that God is doing to advance his kingdom through BRIDGE Ministries. So much more than a bookstore, BRIDGE has a passion to see the gospel “speed ahead and be honored.” While offering theologically sound resources, this passion has driven BRIDGE beyond bookshelves and into the lives of their neighbors—near and far. From producing a doctrinally robust and intensely practical podcast that is listened to around the globe, to conducting weekly Bible studies in their local community, BRIDGE is shining the light of Christ in a dark world.”
Jeremy Vuolo
Pastor & Master's Seminary Student
“BRIDGE Ministries is one of the finest apologetics outreach ministries around today. Their staff has a genuine heart for the lost, a goal to equip believers, and the excellence to carry out the task for the kingdom. With excellent, top notch scholars and apologists as guests on their show, I cannot recommend BRIDGE Ministries enough.”
Eric Hernandez
Founder of Eric Hernandez Ministries
“As a Reformed Christian and apologist, it is great to see BRIDGE Ministries doing what they are doing. Whether it is producing excellent podcast material or providing educational and spiritually edifying books and resources, it is clear that they are passionate about the gospel. I highly recommend Bridge Ministries as they are a ministry of great integrity and passion as they seek to get biblical resources into the hands of believers.”
Eli Ayala
Reformed Christian Apologist | Founder of Revealed Apologetics