#10 Gary DeMar: The Olivet Discourse

Matthew 24, also known as The Olivet Discourse, has created a lot of confusion and debate. No worries, folks! Gary DeMar joins BRIDGE Radio to talk all things eschatology and The Olivet Discourse. Gary is an American writer, lecturer, and was president of American Vision. Gary DeMar is the author of 25 books, a good amount being on the topic of eschatology. He has written books such as Last Days Madness, Is Jesus Coming Soon?, End Times Fiction: A Biblical Consideration of The Left Behind Theology, and Wars and Rumors of Wars. You can find Him and his material at americanvision.org or at garydemar.com.

1 thought on “#10 Gary DeMar: The Olivet Discourse”

  1. I see you are contrasting your preterist view with the Futurist view, mainly Dispensationalism. I imagine that would be your larger target audience; but I’m wondering about the hermeneutic used by the Protestant Reformation Father’s. Which was not Futurist or Presterist (both invented in the late 16th early 17th century by Spanish Jesuits, Alonzo Alcazar and Francisco Ribera). I’ve studied Matthew 24 for the nearly the last 50 years as a duel prophecy and have books and references that take this same understanding back to the middle of the 19th century before dispensational teaching, which began circa 1830, had any significant hold in England, let alone the United States. Granted, the question by Jesus’ disciples were not about a heavenly second coming. They really didn’t know (or believe) He was going. But rather, questions about Him coming into his own and taking his seat on the throne of the renewed Davidic Dynasty. Questions about the coming in of the Messianic Age.

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