#19 Inspiring Philosophy: Evidence for The Exodus

Downloadlink: Inspiring Philosophy- Evidence for The Exodus

Inspiring Philosophy joins BRIDGE Radio again to discuss the Evidence for The Exodus! You can find Inspiring Philosophy on YouTube, Facebook, and at InspiringPhilosophy.org.

2 Comments on “#19 Inspiring Philosophy: Evidence for The Exodus

  1. You can tell this guy has only researched this question for a couple of years. (1) Moses in Deuteronomy states very clearly that the Egyptians were still in a state of collapse forty years after Exodus. (2) Egyptian pharaohs did lead their armies into battle. They did not sit back and watch their armies fight for them. (3) Egyptologists (virtually every authority) say that 1446 BC (Exodus date) fell in the reign of Thutmose III, not the reign of Amenhotep II.

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    • Hello, I’ve listened to a lot of your lectures and thought they were very intriguing, even if I came to ultimately disagree.

      1. If you are referring to Deuteronomy 11:4 it seems to be referring to the army that God drowned in the red sea. The Egyptian army was still weakened to this day. We don’t see a strong military presence in Egypt until the reign of Horemheb. Vandersleyen notes, “this relative military inertness lasted until Horemheb’s coming to power” (L’Egypte, vol. 2, 333.).

      2. If you are referring to what the Egyptians said themselves on their steles, that is a lot bragging. It is more likely they lead to the battlefield and then gave orders from the back so they could see everything. Either way, Exodus doesn’t say the Pharoah drowned with the army.

      3. That would be according to Egyptian Low Chronology, which both you and I reject, so I don’t think it is in your best interest since that appeal to authority goes against your view as well. You reject what the majority of Egyptologists say and date based on your line of evidence. So why would appealing to authority affect a case for High Chronology, when that is not convincing to you and your ‘New Chronology’?


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