#15 Matt Slick: Sola Fide

Download Link: The Five Solas – Sola Fide (Matt Slick)

Sit back and relax as we continue our podcast series on The Five Solas. Today we dive deep into the core issue that sparked the Christian Reformation, Sola Fide. John Calvin said that if the doctrine of justification by faith alone was removed “The glory of Christ is extinguished, religion is abolished, the church destroyed, and the hope of salvation utterly overthrown.” So, how are we justified as sinners before God? What do justification and faith mean? Does my faith plus works contribute to my salvation? If it’s just my faith that saves me, can I continue in sin? Matt Slick joins BRIDGE Radio to not only teach but also help Christians understand the importance of the doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone. Sola Fide!

Articles from CARM.org:

Are We Saved by Faith Alone or Do We Need Works Too?

Verse for Justification by Faith Alone

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