#09 Do You Sola Scriptura?

Download Link: #09 Do You Sola Scriptura?

It’s the month of October. Everyone knows the name of the special day celebrated on the 31st, right? No, not Halloween; it’s the Protestant Reformation! In 1517 (500 years ago), the Protestant Reformation was not only sparked but also led by Martin Luther along with other Reformers. These men were convicted that the church of their day had drifted away from essential, original teachings of Christianity in regards to Salvation (Soteriology). Their convictions were summarized by the Latin slogans known as The Five Solas, one of them being Sola Scriptura! What does that mean? Do you Sola Scriptura? Give this episode a listen for the answer to these questions.

Show Sources:

John McArthur: What Is Sola Scriptura?

The Christian Post: Christianity Is Not the Only Way to Heaven, Prominent Presbyterian Pastor Says

Rev. Shannon Johnson Kershner’s Podcast on Face to Faith

Bernie Sanders grills Christian for his belief in the exclusivity of Christ.  



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