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#14 John Samson: Sola Gratia

John Samson joins BRIDGE Radio to discuss and teach “Sola Gratia”, one of the five Latin Reformation slogan, which means ‘By Grace Alone.” On today’s podcast, we discuss why it is only by God’s grace that we are saved and not by our works or through other means. The Word of God describes the human condition as being completely unable to achieve salvation on his own. We review Pelagianism, Semi-Pelagianism, and both the Roman Catholic and Protestant Arminian view of God’s Grace in relation to our salvation. What is the correct view? Do I play any part in my salvation? Well, tune in to find out!

John Samson is not only the pastor of King’s Church in Peoria, Arizona but also the author of ‘Five Solas: Standing Together, Alone.’ If you are looking for an eBook version of John Samson’s book, please click here to purchase it. You can also find his works on Monergism and his own blog Come by BRIDGE Ministries to order or pick-up his book today. Enjoy!

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